Osprey Crypto Education Webinar Series

We’ve made it our mission to make digital assets easier to understand and invest in. Register for the series and we’ll let you know when to join each event – and when the replays become available.

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Navigating the Crypto Universe

9/15 at 1:30pm ET

The crypto space is evolving at light speed, and finding the stars can be tough. Learn what’s going on without all the confusing jargon.

Super Speed Solana

9/23 at 12pm ET

Solana aims to be the fastest blockchain in the world. Join us for a quick rundown on Solana and why we chose it as our newest single coin trust.

Connecting the Polkadots

9/28 at 2pm ET

Polkadot is an exciting blockchain technology that looks to connect all of the blockchains together. Learn why it has investors talking.